Sea freight news – Post date: November 13th, 2020.

In spite of the second wave of the pandemic in Europe, the situation of the different European ports remains unchanged. All European ports remain 100% operational.
View the situation of the European ports:  Antwerp, Rotterdam , Le HavreHamburg, Marseille and Algeciras.

New investments in different African ports in the race to become hubs, especially on the west coast, remain the most relevant news for the African continent.

Specific routes:

It is of paramount importance to check the transit time when selecting the best way to transport your horticultural products by sea.
In order to check specific routes please check with Maersk, CMA CGM and MSC for vessels availability.

Maersk also publishes Ocean Service Adjustments which includes a list of cancelled sailings around the world, ordered by continent.

Other advisories from Maersk concerning Africa:
Revised Pick Up Charge (PIC), Harare, Zimbabwe to World – effective 23rd October
Empty Return – World to Zimbabwe effective 15th November
Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) – Callao, PE, Paita, PE to West Africa
Inland Haulage Import (IHI) – Uganda
Inland Haulage Import (IHI) – South Sudan
Introduction of IMO Label Add at Origin (ILO) fee in Kenya
Late Documentation Fee Export – Djibouti and Ethiopia to World
Late Documentation Fee Export – Sudan to World
Revision of Carrier Provided Packaging charges in Tanzania

Report makes Africa port pointers

The Africa CEO Forum has partnered with consulting firm Okan to put together an African port sector report, breaking down the multiple changes and trends holding back the sector’s development. The report provides six pragmatic and ambitious recommendations – better structuring of public investment, eradicating operational inefficiencies, mobilising private investment through public-private partnerships, improving the business climate, and fast-tracking integrated industrial port projects (Eurofruit, 4 November).

Camship-CLGG launches Kribi-Douala maritime cabotage line

On 3 November the first container ship of the Cameroonian company Camship-CLGG berthed off the coasts of Mboro, home to the deep seaport of Kribi, in southern Cameroon. According to the operations schedule, every Tuesday a ship will depart from the container terminal of the deep seaport of Kribi. Another ship will depart every Saturday from the Port of Douala, which is currently the main gateway for goods entering the country(Business in Cameroon, 9 November).

Congo Terminal takes delivery of two new RTGs

Congo Terminal, the concessionary of the container terminal at the Port of Pointe-Noire, has taken delivery of two new rubber-tyred gantries (RTGs). With a 40-tonne lifting capacity, the new equipment will boost the container storage capacities of the yards and help to improve flows across all operations (LOGISTICS UPDATE AFRICA, 19 October).

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