Road freight/Rail freight news – Post date: November 13th, 2020

For detailed country-by-country information about road disruptions in Africa and all over the world, see the reports from the Bolloré Logistics report, World Food Program and Logistics Cluster report.

The individual logistics situation and operations for each country are listed in an Excel database you can find here.


Traffic remains fluid inside the EU countries for transporting cargo. Curfew measures have caused some movement restrictions, but this should not be a problem for the transport of goods. Queues of 10 km have been reported at the borders between Romania and Hungary, which could cause considerable delays in the transit time between these countries.
Sixfold provides an excellent tool to check live information on queues at EU borders.

Financed by the African Development Bank at a cost of US$233 million, the Bamako–San Pedro corridor is near completion. The work on the Zantiébougou–Ivorian border (140 km) on the Mali side has ben completed and provisionally delivered. On the Ivorian side 86% is already complete, with completion scheduled for June 2021 (AFRICA LOGISTICS MAGAZINE, 11 November).

CoolRail collaboration targets expansion

Transfesa Logistics and Euro Pool System (EPS) have announced the signing of an agreement to operate the CoolRail service. As a result of the alliance, the first direct rail connection for refrigerated products between Valencia and Rotterdam is expanding its coverage area in Europe. Destinations to the UK, the Nordic countries, Germany and Poland will be added(Fresh Produce Journal, 22 October).

800 refrigerated wagons to transport fresh produce to Tanzania

President John Magufuli inaugurated the rehabilitated Dar es Salaam–Tanga–Kilimanjaro–Arusha rail link of the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC), and announced that 800 light freight wagons will be purchased, some of which are refrigerated, in addition to 37 new passenger wagons (COMMODAFRICA, 27 October).

Construction of bridge between Mauritania and Senegal

The Rosso bridge will link the two banks of the Senegal River between Mauritania and Senegal over 1.4 km. The bridge, which should be completed within 30 months, will help develop trade between the two countries, with a positive impact on agricultural production, and considerably reduce transport time between the two shores (LOGISTICS UPDATE AFRICA, 9 November).

Jumia opens logistics service to third parties

Jumia has made its logistics service available for use by third party businesses – Jumia’s logistics services were previously reserved for e-commerce and food vendors operating in its marketplace (LOGISTICS UPDATE AFRICA, 3 November).

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