Road freight news – Post date: May 15th, 2020

For detailed information about road disruptions in Africa, please follow the Bolloré Logistics and Logistics Cluster reports, which give detailed information on the situation country-by-country all over the world. The reports are updated daily; however, not all the information is updated each day.

Traffic remains much more fluid inside EU countries in order to transport cargo; however, border controls are effective in many countries and long queues are reported, especially between central European countries. Waiting time can be up to 2–3 hours to cross a border. This can be a big problem when transporting perishables that have to cross more than two countries. The same delays have been present from the beginning of the outbreak. We can see delays in borders from France to Germany, Germany to Switzerland, Hungary to Romania, Romania to Bulgaria, Slovenia to Croatia, Serbia to Bulgaria, and France to UK.

Sixfold provides an excellent tool to check live information on queues at EU borders.

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