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  • EU news – Post date: November 13th, 2020.

    EU–Africa: Green and digital transformation

    The European Council meeting on 15–16 October noted that Covid-19 presents the EU–Africa relationship not only with challenges, but also with opportunities (European Council, 16 October). “In parallel with its own green and digital transformation, the EU wishes to extend its partnership with Africa on its economic transformation. […] The European Council sees the following sectors as being key for further cooperation and investment: digital and knowledge economy, renewable energy, transport, health, and agri-food systems.”

    New EU-Africa pact must deepen trade ties

    The EU and African Union must use a new strategic partnership to deepen their trade and investment relations, participants agreed during a EURACTIV event focusing on what is likely to emerge from discussions between the two blocs (EURACTIV, 21 October). The EU-African Union summit, postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will now be held in December. The pandemic is expected to see a sharp reduction in African imports of agricultural produce as countries across the continent see the importance of being self-sufficient after experiencing major disruption to trade supply chains.

    Freshfel Europe: sector resilienT despite COVID-19

    At a dedicated Public Hearing in the European Parliament, Freshfel Europe General Delegate Philippe Binard highlighted the resilience of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in the face of many socio-economic challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic this year (Press Release, 27 October).

    13 million in emergency aid for Fair Trade

    The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), together with its partners Fairtrade International and the Fair Trade Forum, is investing €13 million in an aid fund to support 400,000 small farmers in 24 countries in the South who have experienced difficulties directly related to the coronavirus pandemic (Fruchthandel, 15 October).

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