Information and communication news – Post date: November 13th, 2020


In partnership with the Pan African Farmers Organization (PAFO), COLEACP has produced a series of posters, banners and other resources, including a Flash Book, to communicate the basic health & safety and social distancing measures required in workplaces and other public places, including the correct practices for effective handwashing and sanitation. These effective tools, some of which can be customised, focus on conveying clear visual messages that need to be understood and complied with.

Growing People, Growing Business

COLEACP’s Growing People, Growing Business web series is coming to an end. It was launched in June, on the occasion of World MSME Day, to share the testimonies of our public and private sector partners committed to the sustainable development of ACP agri-food value chains. We’ve learned about their contributions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – and the challenges still to be met. You can find all the inspiring testimonies on COLEACP’s YouTube channel. In this final episode, Lovemore Mango, Director of Probest Veg, shares some advice on how to establish a lasting business relationship. Probest Veg is a Zimbabwean company whose business is the production, processing, marketing and supply logistics of sustainably produced fruit and vegetables.

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