Information and communication news – Post date: October 13th, 2020


COLEACP has just released a short video introduction to our database on good agricultural practices (E-GAP), along with a user guide. The E-GAP database is accessible to all its members and partners. To date, it is one of the few sources of this information specifically dedicated to the horticultural sector in ACP countries.

The tool provides information on the maximum residue limits (MRLs) currently in force. It also provides the Good Agricultural Practices (dose rate, interval between treatments, pre-harvest intervals, etc.) that ensure compliance with these MRLs. Additional information provided includes type of pesticide, registration status of the active substance in EU and ACP countries, the classification recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the resistance group.

The E-GAP database can be accessed by COLEACP members and partners here.


COLEACP has translated eight International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) guides into French to make them more globally accessible, particularly for the
francophone countries in West Africa. The first of these guides – Création d’une Organisation Nationale pour la Protection des Végétaux (Establishing a National Plant Protection Organization) – is now available on the IPPC website. French versions of the remaining seven guides are currently in press but can be made available in pdf format for training purposes:

  • Operation of a National Plant Protection Organization – Fonctionnement d’une Organisation Nationale pour la Protection des Végétaux
  • Import verification – Vérification des importations
  • Export certification – Certification à l’exportation
  • Pest risk communication – Communication sur le risque phytosanitaire
  • Managing relationships with stakeholders – Gestion des relations avec les parties prenantes
  • Delivering phytosanitary diagnostic services – Prestation de services de diagnostic phytosanitaire
  • Plant pest surveillance – Surveillance des organismes nuisibles


COLEACP’s weekly “Growing People, Growing Business” series continues with:

  • Episode 11: Extract from a COLEACP interview on World MSME Day 2020 with Christian Fusillier, Head of Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity Division, Agence française de développement (AFD). He explains how SMEs can stimulate rural employment in agriculture, particularly in Africa where the informal sector dominates. But they face difficulties including access to finance, markets, energy and especially electricity in rural areas. Depending on the country, SMEs often find it difficult to access support for business management. AFD, with its subsidiary PROPARCO, finances programmes that facilitate access to finance for SMEs.
  • Episode 12: James Weru, Commercial Director, Fair Trade Enterprises Ltd shares how his company is learning about its target market to promote sustainable development in rural areas through Fair Trade farming and procurement of fresh horticultural produce from small-scale farmers. Fair Trade Enterprises Ltd is a Kenyan social enterprise specialising in the export of avocado and passion fruit, currently working with COLEACP through the Fit For Market programme.

  • Episode 13: Amadou Moustapha Diop, Director of Senegalese company Distribution Plus, shares the opportunities gained by taking part in an international trade fair such as Fruit Logistica. Distribution Plus produces and exports fruit and vegetables including melons, watermelons, green beans, peppers and okra.

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