Information and communication – Post date: July 8th, 2020

MSME Day: “Growing People, Growing Business”

COLEACP celebrated International Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day on 27 June by posting a video, “Growing People, Growing Business”, to salute those MSMEs that are maintaining their activities despite the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic while ensuring that they contribute to sustainable development. Over the past three months, COLEACP has continued its activities in an attempt to help reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on business activities. MSMEs are important drivers of poverty reduction, and are essential to the survival of the most vulnerable populations, particularly in the agriculture and agri-food sectors of ACP countries. Through MSME Day we paid tribute to the millions of workers across the food value chain who provide us with food every day – and to the key role of MSMEs.

COLEACP Board of Directors and General Assembly go digital

On 25 and 26 June, COLEACP held its first fully digital Board of Directors and General Assembly via Zoom. The COVID-19 situation has speeded up an already existing intention to include remote participation in these meetings to increase the ability of members from all over the world to attend and contribute. The experience was positive, with 92 participants in the General Assembly on Friday. It was also a learning experience, and members’ and partners’ responses to surveys on both events will inform future developments and improvements, particularly regarding the possibilities for more interaction.

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