Health and safety news – Post date: July 8th, 2020

Training for trainers on COVID-19 measures

On 26 June COLEACP provided a training on how to coach companies to implement COVID-19 health and safety measures. This session, led by Mr Babacar Samb, gave COLEACP local experts the necessary teaching tools and information to carry out coaching sessions. Previously they had completed training on COLEACP’s e-learning platform on COVID-19 and the practical measures to be implemented in companies. Topics covered include understanding viruses and the coronavirus; measures to avoid contamination and their effectiveness; preconceived ideas about the pandemic and how to correct them; coronavirus and foods; and adaptations companies need to make to ensure the safety of their employees and their produce.

These experts, along with our English-speaking experts, are now ready to provide coaching missions to companies expressing an interest throughout the ACP regions.

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