Global markets news – Post date: May 15th, 2020

World market: pineapple

Fresh Plaza (11 May) reports on the world pineapple market. In Germany, the pineapple sector is facing an unstable season with relatively low prices. Due to the large price fluctuations and relatively low margins, many traders have decided to temporarily withdraw the product from their range. For the time being, most of the fruit comes from Costa Rica. Prices are low in all areas, reports one trader. In Belgium, in the past two months there has been no air cargo of pineapples from Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. As a result, prices have increased by about 30%. The situation improved last week, although air freight remains expensive. Pineapples imported by ship are also available at higher prices. In the Netherlands, the market has recovered, with prices around 10-11 euros. In France, high prices are the result of the shortage of products for 2 to 3 weeks due to the coronavirus. There are fewer workers and fewer shipments. Due to the low supply on the market, even pineapples that are not fully ripe are accepted. An Italian importer of pineapples from the Dominican Republic stopped importing by air freight two months ago. Flights are no longer regular and the price of the remaining ones has skyrocketed. On the Italian domestic market, demand for pineapples has fallen due to the closure of the catering sector, which normally absorbs large volumes of pineapples. Now, only specialised stores continue to buy pineapple from the food service sector, which normally absorbs large volumes of pineapples.

A large quantity of local pineapple is currently available on the market in China. The season in the Guangdong, Hainan and Taiwan regions is now in full swing. In April, supply peaked sharply. Despite the coronavirus, sales remain good, albeit sometimes a little slow; but the market has regained some strength. While demand is lower than last year, online demand remains strong. Prices vary considerably; a pineapple of a known brand always sells more easily and at a higher price than those of unknown brands.

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