Coleacp’s Action : business support news – Post date: May 25th, 2020

COLEACP aims to ensure that smallholders, farmer groups and horticultural MSMEs have the necessary skills and business tools to carry out their production, processing and marketing operations in an efficient, cost-effective and inclusive manner. Activities include training of local experts, business survival bootcamps, comprehensive support through e-coaching sessions, and individual support (such as tailor-made business support), to be carried out remotely. These activities cover the following areas: cashflow management, cost management, HR management, operations management, and access to financing.

  • A strategic partnership is being formalised with the African Management Institute to facilitate Business Survival Bootcamps. The first bootcamps are scheduled for the first week of June. COLEACP’s partner companies and experts have been made aware of these training opportunities to collect their expressions of interest and estimate the number of sessions needed.
  • A pilot has been launched in Côte d’Ivoire for e-coaching sessions in the West African mango sector. These sessions will be spread over several weeks and aim to support the company in the development and implementation of its contingency and recovery plan.
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