Business support news – Post date: June 11th, 2020

Training on commercial negotiation – with role-playing via Zoom

COLEACP recently organised a lively digital training course on commercial negotiation for Kenyan and Tanzanian directors of horticultural companies. The training took place on COLEACP’s e-learning platform and via Zoom – participants were eager to learn and interact to share their experiences. Trainees followed the course materials, watched video testimonies on negotiation (filmed earlier this year at the Fruit Logistica exhibition), and completed exercises. They also role-played as buyers and sellers in negotiations via Zoom. We look forward to this training having an impact on their daily work. Many thanks to our trainers Benjamin and Eric.

Some positive feedback from our trainees:

“It was a life-changing training.”
“Commendable and excellent information from training pertaining to the process of commercial negotiation. Impressed by the process of training itself irrespective of the current Covid-19 challenge. New ideas and information learnt from the training. One is now able to understand further what negotiation entails.”

COLEACP/AMI Business Survival Bootcamps

The first joint COLEACP/AMI (African Management Institute) Business Survival Bootcamp took place on 3 June with the participation of over 40 ACP companies, business experts and COLEACP’s technical assistance team. The feedback was very positive, and further Bootcamps will be held throughout June and July in English and French.

After the Bootcamp, the entrepreneurs and experts are invited to both AMI and COLEACP online platforms where they will have the opportunity to download business tools and actively participate in forum discussions. Personalised business coaching will also be provided by COLEACP to a selected group of companies.

For further information regarding future Bootcamps, please contact:

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