ACP regional and local markets news – Post date: November 13th, 2020

The Gambia: Solar-powered cold rooms

Kanifing municipality in the west of The Gambia has launched a project to set up solar-powered cold rooms for vegetable preservation in response to the impacts of Covid-19 (Afrik 21, 13 October) and inaugurated the first solar-powered cold storage facility. The British government-funded initiative aim to reduce losses, especially for women in the market who have suffered huge losses due to the pandemic.

Kenya: Students embark on multi-storey farming

Ten University of Nairobi students came together in March to venture into agribusiness after universities were closed due to Covid-19 (Farm Kenya, 7 November). They saw an opportunity to start supplying vegetables and fruits to supermarkets and hotels in Nakuru. Forced to be creative due to space limitation, they embraced an economical farming idea they call “multi-storey farming technology”.

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